Collegiate Advocacy Summit

NAfME Collegiate Advocacy Summit

June 22-24, 2016

Don’t miss this opportunity to join us in Washington DC next June, to gain access to mentoring and professional development that will empower you to be the advocate you need to be, for yourself, and for your students. Come with us to Capitol Hill as we meet with staff and members of Congress to talk about our next steps in this new era for music education.

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2016 NAfME Music Research and Teacher Education National Conference

2016 NAfME Music Research and Teacher Education National Conference

March 17-19, 2016

The biennial Conference is designed for higher education and research communities to share what they know and review the latest developments in music techniques and trends shaping the future of the profession.  The event attracts the highest quality of presenters on a wide variety of important current and emerging issues. It is an opportunity to encounter new, original, and high-quality research and pedagogical innovations that advance music education.

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NAfME Members: Give Your Input on the FY2016-18 Budget

Share Your Thoughts on NAfME’s 2016-2018 Budget NAfME has had some great successes in the past year – influencing music education policy, providing provocative and useful meetings, sharing information with the field, and more. To keep us moving toward even more success, your National Executive Board (with a great deal of input from leaders across our family of associations) has developed a new Strategic Plan. To carry out that plan, we’re planning a budget that will guide our actions from July 2016 to June 2018. We want your input! It…


Don’t Put Off for Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

Don’t Put Off for Tomorrow What You Can Do Today Developing a Successful Grading System By Audrey Carballo   Alright, who (besides me) absolutely hated when your parents used to spout this saying? Raise your hands! I hate to admit it but as I got older I began to view it not so much as an insufferable mantra but one that actually had some merit. This epiphany came to light when I began teaching scads of students as a music teacher. We see like 78 gazillion students each week and…

Up Next in 2016, New Hampshire!

As we move on from Iowa and continue into primary season, today, New Hampshire voters will be participating in what is known as a “semi-closed” primary. Although not as complicated as Iowa’s caucus system, New Hampshire’s “semi-closed” primary entail that registered members of each party can vote in their respective primaries, but so can registered independents. This means anyone who is registered “undeclared” in New Hampshire can affiliate with a party at the polling location, and then vote in the primary.  In the latest polls, Businessman Donald Trump continues to lead the polls…

New Hampshire Map