2015 National In-Service Conference

2015 National In-Service Conference

October 25-28, 2015

It's our last year in Music City and we're out to make it our best yet! Join us, one last time in Naf-ville, for more than 300 innovative professional development sessions, nightly entertainment, extraordinary performances from across the country, a wild time at the Give a Note Extravaganza, and tons of networking and in-depth learning.

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How to Travel with a Music Ensemble, Part 3

 “Later” Always Comes . . . with a Vengeance. Part 3 of the series By Dan Schwartz   With so many moving parts, it’s easy to put off “finalizing” tour details until much closer to the travel time. But there are many tasks that you can work on much earlier in the tour planning process to alleviate your load later.   Repertoire   Chances are tour-planning starts before you even meet the ensemble that will perform. This is a very common situation if you have started the process during the…

Beginning a Dynamic Recorder Program

Beginning a Dynamic Recorder Program By Jim Tinter   Greetings colleagues! Beginning a Dynamic Recorder Program is one of two sessions I’ll be presenting at this year’s NAfME conference in Nashville, and I can’t wait. In this blog, I’d like to give you an overview of the session and provide some ideas to help you begin to develop a fun, exciting, and musical recorder program.   Keep in mind that the suggestions I will be offering spring from the general music program I had in which I saw grades 1-4…

Ensemble Group Work Done Right

Group Work Done Right By Michael Pearson Original article on Hightop Maestro   When studying the pros and cons of grading students on group work rather than individual achievement, perhaps we have been looking at it all wrong. Maybe it’s time to look away from the traditional classroom and into the rehearsal room to find out how group work can be done right. Imagine a scenario with three main characters and a small cast of extras. Character one is a teacher, much like the beloved teacher from The Peanuts cartoon,…