2015 National In-Service Conference

2015 National In-Service Conference

October 25-28, 2015

It's our last year in Music City and we're out to make it our best yet! Join us, one last time in Naf-ville, for more than 300 innovative professional development sessions, nightly entertainment, extraordinary performances from across the country, a wild time at the Give a Note Extravaganza, and tons of networking and in-depth learning.

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North Dakota’s Answer to Teacher Shortage Leaves Qualified Music Teachers in the Classroom

Last week, North Dakota’s State Education Standards and Practices Board approved an amended emergency administrative rule, addressing the recent teacher shortage the state has been experiencing. The proposed rule would allow districts to issue a “letter of approval” to an individual from the community who is not a licensed educator, but has a specific expertise in a field related to the teaching assignment, such as health, physical education, or business courses. Teaching assignments for these community members can last up to one year and are only for non-core subject areas.

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Independent Chamber Music Projects: Tips for Orchestra Directors

Independent Chamber Music Projects: Tips for Orchestra Directors By Eugenia Goldman   As a string orchestra director, I have often pondered how to engage students in creative activities in a class where traditionally making both artistic and instructional decisions is the prerogative of the director. I found that involving students in independent chamber music projects, when approached thoughtfully, can greatly enhance the orchestra program and provide students with a creative outlet. The key to unlocking student creativity is to step back into the role of a facilitator and let students…

How to Cultivate a Great Beginner Band

How to Cultivate a Great Beginner Band By Anthony Mazzocchi   I spent a decade teaching band in a middle school classroom in Brooklyn, New York. I started students on band instruments, from scratch, in a group of 100–no small group lessons. By 8th grade, the students were performing high school and college level music at a very high level. I wish I could say I walked into the job knowing how to accomplish what I did, but that was not the case. I was a professional musician with no degree in…

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