2014 National In-Service Conference

Oct 26, 2014 – Oct 29, 2014

This October, we are heading back to Music City for our 2nd Annual NAfME National In-Service Conference. If you joined us last year, you know that this was a fun.

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FY 2015 CR Clears Senate

By a vote of 78-22, the Senate has passed an FY 2015 Continuing Resolution (CR), which will now head to President Obama’s desk for his signature. The new CR is set to expire on December 11, 2014. As such, the upcoming “lame duck” Congress, which will convene for only 15 days, will need to take one of the following actions: Enact an omnibus appropriations bill containing all 12 of the appropriations bills. Enact an omnibus appropriations bill containing several, but not all 12 bills, and extend the CR for the…

Music ‘helps children expand their cultural horizons’

Sheikh Zayed once said: “Future generations will be living in a world that is very different from that to which we are accustomed. It is essential that we prepare ourselves and our children for that new world.” He had the foresight to recognise the importance of education in this young country’s progress and ensure that future generations are equipped with the skills that will matter in a new world. As educationists, we are always thinking of new ways to enhance the curriculum and understand that today’s children can only prepare…

Music classes ‘may boost academic learning for needy kids’

Music teaches children to make sound-meaning connections. Photo: Free Images   Study shows community music lessons appear to remodel children’s brains   NEW YORK — Community-based music lessons for disadvantaged children can have positive biological effects on their brains, a new study found. “Music training directs children’s attention to sounds and teaches them to make sound-meaning connections, eventually leading to heightened biological processing of sound that is associated with superior academic performance,” said study leader Professor Nina Kraus.   “Learning to make music appears to remodel children’s brains in ways…