2015 National In-Service Conference

2015 National In-Service Conference

October 25-28, 2015

It's our last year in Music City and we're out to make it our best yet! Join us, one last time in Naf-ville, for more than 300 innovative professional development sessions, nightly entertainment, extraordinary performances from across the country, a wild time at the Give a Note Extravaganza, and tons of networking and in-depth learning.

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NAfME Hill Day 2015 Recap

Last week, the National Association for Music Education capped off its annual Hill Day event, with over 200 music education advocates came to Washington D.C to meet with their members of Congress and their staff.  The Benefits of a Broader Minded Education NAfME Hill Day 2015 began with a Congressional Briefing, entitled “Beyond the Bubbles with Music: The Benefits of a Broader Minded Education,” with over 200 attendees on hand for a discussion of the importance of music’s role in the education of all students.  The event featured a panel…

Proposed Education Cuts Approved in House and Senate Appropriations Committees

Over the last few days, both the House and Senate Appropriations Committees have produced their plans to fund a range of health and education programs. While a few programs received increases, both bills make serious cuts and eliminate or weaken funding for a range of educational priorities. With both drafts past the committee stage the next step will be to pass the bills in their respective houses. Amendments, including potential “policy riders” may be proposed, potentially complicating the impact of these bills beyond the funding levels they set for FY…


Using Humor As a Teaching Tool in the Music Classroom

I Suppose You Think This Is Funny: Using Humor as a Teaching Tool By Sara Given   In college, I divided my time between music classes and performing in a touring sketch comedy group that met on campus. Teaching music was always my career path, but my time as a writer and stand-up comedian provided me with a few valuable life lessons: Finding humor in difficult situations makes life easier. People are more likely to remember something if it is funny. If I ever get tired of living the lavish…