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Heavy Metal Guitar: From Times Square to Netflix and Beyond

Heavy Metal Guitar From Times Square to Netflix and Beyond  By NAfME members Thomas J. Amoriello Jr. & Matthew S. Ablan Article originally published in NJ Music Educators Association journal, Tempo   Every so often a band comes along and captures the attention of the public – but, generally not when the average age of the in the band members is 11! Yet, that is exactly what happened in 2013 when video of the Brooklyn based metal trio Unlocking the Truth performing outside a New York City subway station was posted…

Malcolm Brickhouse
Group Of School Children With Teacher Singing In Choir

Cross-Curricular Instruction in the Choral Classroom

Cross-Curricular Instruction in the Choral Classroom By NAfME Member Andrew Bruhn This article first appeared in the summer 2016 issue of ACDA’s ChorTeach Magazine.   One of the greatest strengths of music education is that it is innately cross-curricular! Each piece was written in a particular time and place by a particular person, all of which reaches into other subject areas. What was happening in history when such-and-such a piece was written? The rhythmic elements of music relate to math. I teach in a Christian school, so the spiritual element…

How to Optimize Your Time: 3 Time Management Tips for Teachers

How to Optimize Your Time: 3 Time Management Tips for Teachers By Maria Stefanova Mar Article originally published on Music Teaching and Parenting Teacher time management tips are never out of season!  Teaching is so difficult! We all feel overwhelmed at one point or another. However when we learn how to be smarter about our prep time, that can make a big difference when things get overwhelming.   After 14 years in the public schools and training young colleagues at the university, and going through many overwhelming periods in my…