2014 National In-Service Conference

Oct 26, 2014 – Oct 29, 2014

This October, we are heading back to Music City for our 2nd Annual NAfME National In-Service Conference. If you joined us last year, you know that this was a fun.

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Why Failing Orchestras Are the Problem of Every American

  As the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra faces a lockout between its management and musicians, we find a troubled industry in the news once again. Orchestras are falling like dominoes. The mood is tense and the forecast is dismal. An erosive force, continual and subtle, is eating away the core of a cultural institution. You may have heard this story before: classical music is in decline, music education is so important, but why should you care? Failing orchestras create severe economic, social, and cultural repercussions for our nation as a whole.

At Elkhart Central High School, super-involved marching band students are learning time management

Many members of Elkhart Central’s Blazer Brigade spend dozens of hours participating in other extracurricular activities, working part-time jobs and volunteering — even during the busy marching band season. Central sophomore Ian Fahrenkrog, 16, plays his trumpet after a portrait with The Elkhart Truth in his room on Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014, Elkhart. Fahrenkrog started playing trumpet in sixth grade but switch the french horn and plays the mellophone in Central’s marching band. In addition to his involvement in the Blazer Brigade, he ran cross country, takes four AP classes and takes part…

How Kids Lose Their Creativity As They Age (And How To Prevent It)

Ever since the 1950s, children have undergone a test for tracking their creativity, in similar fashion to the IQ test. Professor E. Paul Torrance developed the series of tasks, which are administered by a psychologist, to a subject to measure the person’s ability to produce something original and useful. No task has a “right “ answer, because being creative requires someone to generate a variety of unique ideas and then combine them into the best result. Again, like the IQ test, these Torrance test results have been tracked and analyzed…