2014 National In-Service Conference

Oct 26, 2014 – Oct 29, 2014

This October, we are heading back to Music City for our 2nd Annual NAfME National In-Service Conference. If you joined us last year, you know that this was a fun…

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How a 90-Year-Old, a Composer, and a Struggling Music Student Are Changing Education Forever

    Nobody in their 20′s purposefully gets up at 5:00 a.m. to have breakfast with a 90-year old retired music educator on a Wednesday morning. But that’s exactly what I did. In 2007, when most 24-year olds were sleeping, I was meeting with my mentor, the legendary Dr. Carroll Rinehart, and I thank him for continuing to enrich my life today. My high school band teacher told me straight out, “You will never make it.” When I applied to the University of Arizona School of Music, I could only play the…

Why Music Education Actually Matters

“We favor the inclusion of music in the curriculum on an equality with other basic subjects. We believe that with the growing complexity of civilization, more attention must be given to the arts, and that music offers possibilities as yet but partially realized for developing an appreciation of the finer things of life.”—First Resolution of the Dallas Meeting of The Department of Superintendence, 1927 Public music education has seen better days. In 2001, the No Child Left Behind Act identified music as a ‘core subject’—just not one worthy of testing.

NAfME’s broader minded Campaign Wins Prestigious Award

NAfME’s broader mindedTM Campaign Wins Power of A® Silver Award The National Association for Music Education is pleased to announce that its new broader mindedTM advocacy campaign has received the ASAE Power of A® Silver Award. “The Power of A Awards recognize a select number of organizations annually that distinguish themselves with innovative, effective and broad-reaching programs and activities that positively impact America and the world,” explained ASAE President and CEO John H. Graham IV. “The Power of A Awards recognize and celebrate the extraordinary contributions associations make to society…

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