Job Title Location Posted
Bass Coach and Low Brass Coach Seattle, Washington September 29, 2014
Choral Director – Artist In Residence Purdue University, West Lafayette Indiana September 29, 2014
Composer and Director of Instrumental Music Los Angeles, CA September 22, 2014
Director of Wind Studies and Lecture Track Atlanta, Georgia September 19, 2014
Assistant Professor/Director of Bands and Secondary Instrumental Music Education Towson University September 17, 2014
Dean, School of Music Waco September 11, 2014
Dean, School of Music, Theatre & Dance Ann Arborm, MI September 10, 2014
Director of the Wyoming Seminary Performing Arts Institute Kingston, Pennsylvania September 3, 2014
Elementary Music Teacher Medford, Oregon August 26, 2014
Lesson Instructor August 13, 2014


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