Job Title Location Posted
Director of Wind Studies and Lecture Track Atlanta, Georgia September 19, 2014
Assistant Professor/Director of Bands and Secondary Instrumental Music Education Towson University September 17, 2014
Dean, School of Music Waco September 11, 2014
Dean, School of Music, Theatre & Dance Ann Arborm, MI September 10, 2014
Director of the Wyoming Seminary Performing Arts Insitute Kingston, Pennsylvania September 3, 2014
Assistant Professor: Piano and Piano Pedagogy San Diego, CA August 25, 2014
Musical Director – High School and Middle School Productions Rockville, MD August 21, 2014
Elementary Music Teacher Medford, Oregon August 26, 2014
Asst./Assoc. Professor Music Education (Instrumental) Northridge, CA August 15, 2014
Assistant Professor/Violin Northridge, CA August 15, 2014
Lesson Instructor August 13, 2014


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