School Video Production Guidelines

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Contact concert coordinator, Jill Staton, with the title of the song your students will perform in their video!  (No video required at that time)

Final, edited student performance videos  and Student Consent Forms are due at NAfME by February 12, 2016! Go to Submit a Video for submission details.

Production Guidelines

All performances should be recorded using a digital camera.  The recording must be in high definition with an HD quality of 720 or 1080.    A guide to explain what 720 and 1080 is can be found at

For low cost, high quality filming options, ask your PTA, local public access television station, college media center, or local high school media department for help filming and editing your video.

1.  Use the Audio tracks from the NAfME website as the accompaniment!  Make sure that your students’ voices can be heard and their faces can be seen in their performance.  Do not place your audio player close to the source that records your students’ performance.


2.  Communicate the following to your filming personnel before the actual performance   date:

Focus on the students, keeping the teacher/conductor out of the frame.

Avoid high contrast backlighting situations.

Keep panning shots smooth.

Eliminate background noise.

Do not overexpose the shots.


3.  Include some of the following shots in your final video:

Static camera, not moving – showing the entire performing group

Static camera, not moving – slightly closer, or framed from different angle

Medium panning shots – keep smooth – showing 2 or 3 rows of singers.

Wide shots if filming at unique location.


*Please view your video before the end of your filming session to make sure that it shows your students at their very best!


NAfME makes every effort to use each school’s performance video on the website, but videos that fail to meet production guidelines and standards for audio and video quality cannot be used.  Contact with questions.


Video Submission instructions located at Submit your Video