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Do you know why music education in schools is so important? 

While many people, especially NAfME members, already respect the importance of maintaining music education in today’s schools, there are thousands of others who don’t understand why it’s necessary.

Today’s educational culture places a high value on quantifying academic achievement.  Clearly, gauging student progress and learning is important.  At the same time, we must recognize that our true mission as educators lies in shaping the students behind the scores. 

To be an advocate for music education in schools, it helps to first understand WHY these types of programs are so important.

Studies have demonstrated positive links between music education and outcomes such as test scores and graduation rates.  These outcomes help affirm the value of music programs; however, NAfME believes that music study does something even more important for students.

  • Music education shapes the way our students understand themselves and the world around them;
  • Studying music allows for deeper engagement with learning; and
  • Music education programs essentially nurture the assets and skills that pave the way for a student’s future success, such as curiosity, creativity, collaboration, self-discipline, and motivation.

In other words, music helps develop the student behind the test score.  This is the broader minded™ argument for music education.

Broader Minded is NAfME’s platform for articulating that argument and stressing the importance of music education for each and every child. 

Go here to learn how you can become an advocate for music education programs in schools, and share the message of Broader Minded with legislators, decision-makers, administrators, media, teachers, and parents everywhere.