What to Say

Even if you understand why it’s so important to maintain music education programs in schools, it’s sometimes hard to find the right words to express that knowledge.  NAfME can help.

Most of us feel passionate about music and we love the idea of helping kids learn how to play an instrument, or sing a particularly beautiful song, or perform before a group of teachers, parents, and fellow students.

But when it comes to actually advocating for music education or making a case for keeping a particular music program from being cut at your school, how do you get that message across?

NAfME has learned that the best results happen when you combine two things – Stories + Facts.

Advocating in favor of music education really works when you share your heartfelt PASSION for music along with some actual PROOF about why it is so important for kids.

  • Sharing Stories:  In your heart, you may just “feel” that studying music is a good thing for students to do.  You may have stories to tell about the way music has touched your students in the classroom, or made a difference in your own life.  This is PASSION for music.
  • Making a Valid Argument:  In your mind, you may just “know” that music education is vital to the success of a well-rounded student.  This is where the FACTS come in.

If you want to be a truly successful advocate for music education, it will help if you can convey those feelings and facts in a way that comes across clearly, concisely, and honestly. 

How do you start?

  • Begin with a commitment to yourself to enlighten others about the importance of music education in the classroom.
  • If you’re a teacher, think of one or two classroom stories you can share about how music has made a difference in a student’s life, or in your own.
  • If you’re a parent, student, or someone who simply believes in the importance of advocating for music education, think of a personal story or two that demonstrates how you feel.  You can also find some other stories here that you can share if you like.
  • Then, go here to learn some of the facts about music education in schools that NAfME has compiled.  Jot some of them down and talk them over with a friend or colleague, until you become comfortable in what you are saying.
  • Remember – when it comes to advocating, sometimes “less is more”.  You don’t have to be an expert in music education to make a difference.  You just need to know a little, and have a few facts to share.


Whether you are a music education professional, in college to learn how to be a music teacher, or a parent advocating to keep music in school in your community, you need the tools to ensure your voice is heard.

The NAfME advocacy team can help you learn how to advocate for music education.

Find out how to speak up for the orchestra, choir, band, and any other music program.   Our Broader MindedTM campaign is filled with strong arguments for keeping sequential, standards-based music classes in every school.

When it comes to advocating for music education, your voice is needed today more than ever before